Monday, 26 September 2011

Leftists Left Standing As leafleting Team Go Into Action

After last week's shameful leftist attack on democracy in the Black Country town of Cradley Heath, whereby a rabble of UAF/Unite activists surrounded the team's table top campaign stall, locals reported to Organiser Rob Weale that, they had spotted some of the same faces in a car near the market place. The idiots were not even in the right place of course, nor even on the right day, as the team had decided previously, to leaflet a smart border estate in between Halesowen and Cradley on Sunday morning. Local issue requirements made it prudent to undertake a nice quiet Sunday session, which is relevant to next year's elections, especially with the closing of Fire Stations, and concerns over ''regionalisation''. Reports that the town of Cradley was particularly and ''unusually busy'', at that time on a Saturday, were corroborated when Organiser Rob Weale, drove past to see whether the reports were true. A heavy Police presence, and some ungodly looking types, wearing tee shirts that no self respecting Briton would touch, were seen crawling around looking shifty, with no particular purpose.

Also, our Black Country correspondent has heard from a certain local source that, possibly at least one of the noisy, goading rabble from last week, and potentially with those assembled on Saturday in the wrong place, wrong time, could have been plain clothed, undercover Police Officers. Readers will remember the fiasco earlier this year, whereby Mark Kennedy, an undercover Police Officer, spent seven years infiltrating environmental activists under the alias of ''Mark Stone''. He found himself getting far too involved, and was one of those arrested on a charge of ''aggravated trespass''. The leftist and ''Unison activists'', in particular one female, were almost violently enraged with (fake?) anger, and could produce nothing more than ''wailing and screaming a scripted stream of insults, like Fascist, or the BNP is a Nazi party''. One immediately wonders whether yet again, an attempt was made by the state, to produce their long wished for responce by our steadfast, and wholly professional activists. They were, and will continue to be, much disappointed.

Saturday saw the weather extremely warm, and the team were busy preparing their allotment for planting next year. So, Sunday the 25th was, as previously discussed, to be a morning of leafleting. With almost 500 homes receiving Nick Griffin's ''EU, Referendum Now'', and party recruitment leaflets, the Unite and UAF rabble, were well and truly left standing. The environment, a mix of retired, professional, and young family homes on a sprawling, semi-rural estate, made for a very pleasurable, and leisurely session. The region will lose an MP if plans are successful, and the merging, and loss of at least on Fire Station, are uppermost in the local people's minds. Serious and professional political activism, is something that the party has been involved in for over two decades, and with the tri-partate establishment reeling from voter apathy, poor nationwide support of all three parties, and trying to prop up the ''Euro-Zone'' with tax payers money, the British National Party are punching way above their weight. This then leads to the conclusion that, sooner rather than later, activism, and dignified responces to all manner of attacks by the left, state infiltrators, and rogue antagonists, will result in our long fought for victory, especially when everything people have worked and fought for, is completely destroyed.

Our correspondent asked Rob Weale, what the general responce was, and what his plans were to further the Black Country branch's chances in the near future. His answer was bang on the nail: ''Although the economy has taken it's toll on many people in the region, the massive amount of support is encouraging, as a few lost battles do not mean the loss of the war.'' He continued: ''Our chances are very good, because the whole of the old style political system is seen by voters as corrupt, and far too tied up with the European Federalist project, to ever be the same again. We will continue to produce both table top, and leafleting campaigns, and this two pronged attack, will see the opposition spinning, and as we saw this weekend, literally left standing. Sunday should have been our Harvest Festival event, but we have re-scheduled that for next year, mainly due to a re-vamp of our chosen venue, which had livestock at the back''. The team will be producing local issue leaflets, and are determined not to be brow-beaten by those wanting to use intimidation, or trying to engineer violence etc. Watch this space for more next week, and we wish all branches and activists the very best, and to be ever aware of the traps that have been set for us.

Monday, 19 September 2011

You are Homeless because you can speak English.

Today I had a visit from a lady in Nuneaton who has become Homeless through no fault of her own. She has been Homeless for about a month now; becoming homeless 8 months after her Husband died. The reason for this is because Nuneaton & Bedworth Council cocked up on her housing benefit, putting her over £4000 in arrears, resulting in the private landlord evicting her. Since the eviction the Council have paid the landlord all the money they owed, but this still left her Homeless.

The lady has a 17 year old daughter, so the council put them both in a hotel which cost the council £45 a night, staying there for 2 weeks. They were then sent to a homeless hostel. Now this is where it gets interesting - The Lady's daughter has now gone to live with a friend, so being honest the lady went and told the council that her Daughter now has somewhere to live. The council official told the her that because she now has no dependents she must leave the hostel.

The lady told them she has nowhere to go; the council official told he she is no longer a priority case. She is a Diabetic but told by the council official that because she is on diabetic tablets and not insulin injections, which are needed to be kept in a fridge she can live on the streets.

She has shown me the letter that the council sent her explaining why she is not a priority case, I have attached the letter so you can read it for yourself.
You can clearly see by reading paragraph 4 that if you can't speak English you are vulnerable, so will become a priority case. Again in paragraph 5 it says because you can speak English Fluently you are not Vulnerable, so This Authority has no duty to offer you further assitance.

So there you have it, If you are English you can look forward to a life on the street, while Immigrants can have a nice Council House.

Click on the image above to enlarge it.

Make The Most Of It ”Comrades”… Your Jobs Are Next

Council workers in the West Midlands, are apparently shopping online, and searching for holidays, homes and cars at their workplaces. Argos, Amazon, Debenhams and Thomson holidays, are now popular amongst the region’s council ”workers”, whose jobs are currently under already threat due to public spending cuts. The information about the most popular websites visited by council workers, has been released under the Freedom of Information Act ”FOI”. Bosses have stressed though, the staff were only using websites, including social networking site Facebook, during ''lunch breaks'' and ''outside of working time''. The most popular website is internet search engine Google, which clocked up millions of “hits”. Sandwell Council staff recorded 12.7 million hits on the social networking site Facebook. But Freedom of Information officer Nigel Parr said: “The council’s acceptable use policy does allow personal use of the internet by employees but that this should be undertaken in non working time such as lunch breaks. It should be noted that the number of hits is not the same as the number of visits to a website. A website page in many instances will include multiple components and each of these will be counted as individual hits even if only one page is visited.”

Staffordshire County Council workers also recorded 1.8m hits on Facebook as well as 629,458 hits on Argos online. Staff at Wolverhampton City Council, read one particular site ”748,869 times over the past 12 months”. whilst Amazon, clocked up 254,791 hits. Facebook had council workers contacting their mates and friends over 215,744 times. Property website ”Rightmove” had an amazing 183,511 hits. Dudley Council’s most popular website visited by staff was ”the BBC”, racking up 140 hours in twelve months alone. Their staff spent a combined 10 hours on Amazon. Walsall Council could only list the websites visited over 90 days. The most popular was Google, followed by the BBC. Car website ”Auto Trader” and Dorothy Perkins, also featured in the 100 most visited. Staff at transport authority Centro had used Facebook, but also clocked up 125,785 hits on the holiday company Thomson’s website. South Staffordshire Council logged on to Amazon with 18,139 hits and Auto Trader with 11,135. Lichfield District Council staff went on auction site ebay, recording 868,044 hits, making it the council’s 11th most popular website for visits.

Councillor Colin Greatorex said: “While we are careful to make sure our employees are not using social networking sites during their work time for personal reasons, as a council we have been quick to adapt to the changing face of e-communications, and use social networking sites.” That’s all very well Councillor, but with tax payers forced to contribute to illegal wars, immigrant benefits, crime sprees, and foreign aid, thousands of paid working hours used this way, is no excuse. One good thing to come out if this, is that after all the ”Smash the BNP” rhetoric, and anti-British political dogma, those very ”workers” are soon to face the reality of their apparent love of ”globalism” and leftist social engineering. Their jobs are next, so join the rest of us, and welcome to your own creation.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Drama As Black Country Branch Campaign In Cradley Heath

Black Country British National Party Organiser Rob Weale, and his team of fellow activists, arrived at Cradley Heath Saturday the 17th of September, to gain more signatures for the ''referendum Now'' campaign. As per usual, the team were right in the thick of the throng of shoppers, just outside the market place. Within a few minutes, out of the first 20 or so passers by, half of them signed the petition. It looked good, with many shoppers agreeing with the party's stance on immigration, the EU, and loss of manufacturing jobs in the region. A wide range of people were soon chatting to the group, and the specifics of how wrong the the whole EU project is, was typically reiterated by the general public. Many were concerned with the laws, and the ridiculous red tape, binding our freedoms up, and creating a financial crisis that many saw as a re-run of the 1920's and 30's.

From the Teenaged to the elderly, the people of Cradley Heath were enthusiastically signing the petition, with local business owners also putting their thumbs up in approval. The weather, although promising to be a mix of showers, wind and sun, provided the team with far more sun than was expected, and the locals seemed to gather around the stall in droves. Again, the whole issue of rampant immigration was on the agenda, along with the cost of the EU project to tax payers. One lady quoted a local story of an immigrant, who had been turned down for residency in the UK four years ago, but had cost the tax payers £100,000 because he has ''been allowed to stay in Russell's Hall hospital for more than one year after being declared fit to leave''. In another angry bout, one lady told the branch that her husband was now seriously ill. But after working hard all his life, they have ended up with hardly any income, ''and yet the politicians have created opportunities for housing and work for immigrants who have paid nothing into our society'' she said.

Personal stories are what makes these campaigns both interesting, and heartbreaking. This of course, makes it all the more galling when, fifteen minutes before the team were due to end this particular session, around 20 or so UAF/Union ''activists'' turned up. Anyone with experience in the long, ugly, and violent history of these types of leftist agitators, knows full well that democratic rights, opinions, and free speech, are not something they are keen on. Within a few seconds, the usual labels, chants, and screams, all scripted to miserable perfection, were to be heard, as the mob surrounded the team's stall. Bearded, smelly and unwashed leftists were literally screaming at the team, waving their ridiculous placards around, and creating a disturbance that upset locals and businesses alike. As if that wasn't enough to scare the horses, those bearded, smelly and ugly activists were then joined by their male counterparts.

Members of the public, including one vocal lady, made sure the team had support, and pushed their way through the throng of pathetic characters assembled against them. Signatures continued to be gained, and as the crowds gathered to watch the drama unfold, an angry local business owner told them: ''Until you lot turned up, there were no problems, you are are creating a blockage here, and people cannot get to the shops.'' As the drama went into overdrive, the police arrived. Organiser Rob Weale then discussed the problem with police officers, and the businessman again expressed his anger to them, in no uncertain terms. He once again explained that the British National Party members were set up outside the market place, in front of a vacant shop, were no trouble at all, and were not obstructing anyone. The police were very professional, and eluded that the placard carrying trouble makers, should not really be assembled in front of the stall, and were obstructing the pavement and entrance to the marketplace.

After some time, the team told the police that they were about to end their session soon anyway, and activist Jason Percival, explained to the police that the protesters were in fact causing various obstructions, and creating a ''public order'' issue. The female police officer, as with the other officers, was very polite, and took Jason's details in case any further action was required on behalf of the party, or members of the public and local businesses. All in all, one thing is certain... The British National Party can be seen as the ONLY guardian of our indigenous people's rights, and without our collective fight against the Lib/Lab/Con hate machine, the public would not have a voice. The campaign is setting new standards in our fight to retain our nationhood, and the public can now see this right on their own doorsteps.

Watch this space for more activity next week, and an update on further news regarding the latest attempt by the unions and Leftist thugs to stop the party from engaging in its moral, and hard won right to oppose the destruction of our way of life, our culture, and our nation.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Kingswinford Welcomes British National Party Petition

Once again, Kingswinford people welcomed British National Party Organiser, Rob Weale and activists from the Black Country British National Party. The small market town has been very happy to see the branch there over the last two years. Last year, Chairman Nick Griffin MEP, made an appearance on his whistle stop tour, and had the market buzzing with excitement, when people recognised him and wanted to have their photographs taken shaking hands and chatting to him. Many people recognised the members, who did not need any introduction, as with the ''Bring Our Boys Home'' campaign last year, had made a very good impression. One of our candidates and team members, Mr Simon Foxhall, had beaten the Liberal Democrats.

With wind and showers supposedly the order of the day, Rob and his team decided to chance it anyway, as the campaigning will soon see more leafleting in the run up to various elections etc. As the saying goes... ''the sun always shines on the righteous'', as apart from the occasional gust of warm wind, nothing but sunshine beamed down. People were coming up to the stall, and and asking where they could sign, without even mulling it over. Signatures were soon filling up the pages, and one 82 year old well spoken lady, told the team her story of how all her family were Labour voters, members and supporters. Her father had been at the forefront of the movement, and had met Keir Hardy, and possibly George Bernard Shaw amongst others. She said: ''I'm not really happy with the EU, as it seems to me to be rather dictatorial.'' She continued: ''I'm very saddened at the cost of membership, and the damage it's doing to our economy, and look at the amount of jobless we have, it's disgraceful.''

Amongst others who had signed the petition, were families, and many pensioners, who all seemed to have their opinions of what we should do. With this, came may opportunities for the team, who enjoyed showing them the Voice of Freedom, and a plethora of leaflets, and engaged the locals in voicing our alternative options, and what the British National Party would do with all the money saved from withdrawal of this monstrosity. yet again, the issue of pensions arose, and one lady reiterated what others in different towns had done, and bemoaned the fact that her pension had been put back three years. All the time this was going on, cars were lining up at the traffic lights, and many of their occupants beeped their horns and waved their hands in support. The latest raft of signatures, will bring the branch's collection to well over 1200 signatures.

Watch this space for more campaigning from Rob and the team next week.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

'Telford sex ring' trial collapses

The trial of seven Telford men accused of sexual exploitation and child prostitution has collapsed after more than three months.

Judge Robin Onions discharged the jury from returning verdicts on 49 charges at Stafford Crown Court after hearing submissions from defence barristers.

The Crown Prosecution Service must now decide whether to seek re-trials.

The prosecution's position will be considered at Shrewsbury Crown Court on 20 September.

The seven defendants are Ahdel Ali, 23; Mubarek Ali, 28; Ali Sultan, 24; Tanveer Ahmed, 39; Mahroof Khan, 33; Noshad Hussain, 21; and Mohammed Islam Choudhrey, 52.

The men live in the Wellington and Sutton Hill areas of Telford and denied the charges relating to incidents alleged to have happened between 2007 and 2009..

Further details will follow later

Monday, 5 September 2011

Toxic waste: the erosion of political opposition in Great Britain

By John Salvage – With the news that the 'Scottish Tories' are possibly to be dismantled, and, in the Express On Sunday, Former Conservative MP Neil Hamilton telling his readers that UKIP is the only real chance we have of getting out of the European Union, it is now painfully obvious that all opposition to the destruction of our nation is essentially non-existent in the 'mainstream' world of politics and media.

The British National Party's campaigns have, by and large, been ignored by the two institutions, who on one hand pretend they care about the future of Britain, and thus, when it suits them, rally shoulder to shoulder to scream about the 'racist BNP'. This time, though, the once credible, if not slightly toothless group, 'Scottish Conservatives', have by their own hand, sliced a gaping whole in the voice box of their own last chance to actually do something to save this nation, and create opposition to the regionalisation/Balkanisation of our ancient union. A union going back thousands of years, not simply since the formation of the 'post-Romano socio-political' union called England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland under the modern United Kingdom.

A certain Murdo Fraser, who is the favourite candidate to become leader of the 'Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party', will announce he himself has plans to 'wind up the party if he wins a ballot of members next month'. After this treachery, he would apparently launch a new right-of-centre party. The new party would contest all Scottish elections, including council, Scottish Parliament and Westminster elections. Mr Fraser is a member of the Scottish Parliament and believes the Conservatives have become a ‘toxic brand’ in Scotland, especially since losing all 11 Commons seats in the 1997 Labour landslide victory.

Now where have we heard that sort of leftist thinking recently? Ah, yes, we've heard the term 'toxic' by those moaning about the current, and re-elected leader, Mr Nick Griffin MEP. By using the term 'toxic', both Mr Fraser and our own former members-turned-critics have left themselves open to accusations that their intentions were never honourable, nor were they working for the best interests of this nation.

If the Scottish Conservatives and Unionist Party, and the British National Party, are somehow only now ‘toxic’... then what is to replace these two parties? Yes, Neil Hamilton has, without realising it, let a hefty, red-coloured cat out of the bag. The term toxic perfectly describes how both the leftists, and the weaklings once allied to both our party and the Conservatives have no more battle in them. Indeed, did they ever really expect to win every single seat? Did these handwringers ever really expect to romp home like some well-trained nag in the Grand National, winning every battle until the race was won? If yes, then they were never really thinking about things, were they?

If we can, we should now be writing to the many genuine Conservatives and explaining that the word toxic has been used to scare people and create a further nail in the coffin of our mutual aims for an independent, free and autonomous Britain. If political parties are continuously undermined, split and fragmented, both in nationalist circles and the so-called mainstream arena, then surely someone, somewhere, and sometime very soon, should create a system whereby we can all unite in some manner.

In November 2007, Mr Hamilton actually copied what the British National Party had been saying for a decade or more: 'Enoch Powell was right'. Here's what Mr Hamilton wrote:

'Halesowen Tories should revolt at the sacking of their candidate, Nigel Hastilow, for saying, “Enoch was right”. He was. And nearly everybody thinks so, especially in places most affected by immigration, such as the West Midlands. None of the main parties will tell the truth. No wonder the BNP is picking up votes.’

We all know that he was correct, but the sad fact is the British National Party, so bereft of unity of late, has, and did have, all the right arguments, but such articles as Mr Hamilton wrote then, and continues to write, and such forthright and morally righteous ones we write, are worlds apart. We should be reaping the benefits of the feeling of anger on the streets, but once again, as with ALL political parties, we seem to have fallen for the same old trap. Whatever idiosyncrasies may be found in leaders both past and present, both 'mainstream' and Nationalist party members and supporters seem always to use them for personal attacks, ultimately leading to factionalism and bitter fights that need never have got so out of hand. Only four years ago, at one of the largest Red, White and Blue festivals, the current leader made his closing speech, and declared that we were now lined up for attack from outsiders and, potentially, from within. His closing speech rang so true, but were his words actually understood, or even remembered?

He continued saying in so many words that, if any of us had small, personal dislikes, or did not like this or that person, keep them quiet enough not to disrupt our political activities and, no matter what, do not allow them to turn into raging hateful disputes. He could have easily been addressing the Conservatives, Labour, or Lib/Dems. Sadly, his words now crash into our minds like lightning bolts. Thankfully, now the Conservatives have seen real treachery, whatever claims and counter claims are made about our current leadership, and our chances of political victory, we can at least see the value of Mr Griffin’s words, and also we can see that literally no other British political party is immune to troublesome, divisive and antagonistic schemes. Ultimately, even with all the battles we have faced, and continue to face, we will all come to realise, Tory, Labour, Liberals and Nationalists, that there is only one real choice... the British National Party.

Those wishing to create yet another political party, movement, or some such noisy internet irrelevance, can do so. Well-known people like Neil Hamilton are only too aware that UKIP is simply a safety valve, and that the apparent 'TOXIC BRAND' that is the Conservative Party in Scotland is only going to be replaced with another safety valve, or worse, a cuddly, pink version of the former outspoken Conservatives brave enough to voice the opinions of millions.

In Nationalist circles, we of course have much more to concern ourselves with. We have our next generation, our ancestors and our literal land to worry about. No amount of moaning and groaning about Mr Griffin 'letting us down' or the party becoming a 'TOXIC BRAND' can take away the hard fact that, until only last year, those now bemoaning all this 'horror' were right up there reaping the benefits of being part of this political minnow punching way about its weight. We need complete solidarity as a nation; after all, that's what Nationalism is all about.

If those who have not heeded the words of Mr Griffin at that Red, White and Blue festival, of around four or five years ago, are looking for another political or alternative outlet, then they were never really going to take the strain and stresses of the long haul. All one has to do is to look at the failings of political parties of the past to see the broken minds and bodies lying three deep. This includes the various cult Communist outfits who never got elected even in the era of social unrest and mass strikes. Splits, antagonists, state agents, and the mentally unstable, or those with hurt feelings for one reason or another, all fell by the wayside.

We are no different. Many of us, including those at the top of this party, have said in the past, they wish they'd never got into this game, and wondered what the hell they had let themselves and their loved ones in for. Without such fortitude, and without the hardheaded mentality required to see it through, we may never have even got this far. We are only as strong as each individual component, so please, let us remember the past, and let us take control of our current situation. The grip we have must be by many hands; too many letting go will see us in the same situation as The Scottish Conservatives, the Communist Party of Great Britain and all those other failed, worn-out and demoralised 'also rans'. We've already got the infrastructure, and we have proven we can win, let's keep it that way.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Black Country Organiser Rob Weale speaks out at meeting for Fire Service cuts

West Midlands Fire Service Officials held a consultation session this evening Thursday 1st September in Halesowen, to inform the people of Halesowen about the 25% cuts that they need to make this year, and a further 25 % cuts each year for the next 4 years.

In 2008 the same officials during a Labour government improved the service by merging Halesowen and Cradley Heath Firestations but they were keeping the two pumps, however since then we have had a change of Government and now these further cuts must be implemented, and it has been discussed tonight that the service will be cut from two pumps to one which will inevitably put peoples lives at risk.

The people of Halesowen were very vocal and the British National Party representative Robert Weale stood up and told the people that the Fire officials were only doing what they had been told to do by their masters in Government and it was wrong to attack them for making cuts in the Emergency services when the government are ring fencing budgets like Foreign Aid, he went on to say that he didn't have a bleeding heart and couldn't care less what happens in other countries but that he was terribly concerned for the lives of the people of this one, this got a cheer and a round of applause.

The local Councilor Ken Turner (Cons) got up and came out with a rather boring speech which consisted of a lot of figures and percentages, he was heckled and I was quite shocked when he turned around and shouted at his own constituents, this didn't go down too well and he was rebuked by further speakers for his attitude and behavior. The Tory MP James Morris then reiterated that he was against the cutting of the pumps from two to one and would be taking it up with the Minister responsible for the Emergency Services, good luck to him on that one, he also was told to sit down by a few rather vocal elderly ladies, all in all a very informative evening, and a very good opportunity to gauge the feelings of the community.