Thursday, 26 May 2011

“Let’s have a leadership election this summer, and may the best man (or woman) win!”

Nick Griffin uses meeting “banned” by police to unveil plans for rapid constitutional reform through Extraordinary General Meeting.

“Millions of British people are coming to view the British National Party as a sort of insurance policy, or like the fire brigade: they don't think they need us right now, but they're really pleased to have us around, just in case.

“And the way things are going, with the steady toppling of financial dominoes, the Chinese growth bubble about to burst, energy scarcity, and the political elite's meddling in the Middle East guaranteeing future Islamic terrorist bombs in Bluewater and other British shopping centres, they'll be calling for the political fire brigade and claiming on the insurance policy quicker than anyone thinks.”

This was Nick Griffin's message of hope to the determined and enthusiastic audience of more than forty who came despite the inconvenience and uncertainty caused by the police attack on freedom of assembly in Dagenham and the consequent hasty move to a new venue several miles away.

Both the meeting chairman, defiant and dynamic Barking & Dagenham Organiser Paul Sterdy, and Mr. Griffin explained in different ways how this kind of pressure shows increasing desperation by the Powers That Be as they realise that their earlier attempt to use personal grievances, manipulated ambitions and black propaganda to destroy the party from “within” has failed.

Great importance

At the end of his informative and well-received political speech, Mr. Griffin turned to a matter of great importance to the staunch activists present and to our wider audience of British National Party members and supporters.

The whole meeting applauded when he told them that, now that the election is over and the dust has settled, the date will shortly be announced for the EGM which will vote on constitutional changes fleshed out from the principles agreed by an overwhelming majority of the Voting Members at the last Annual Conference.

The aim is to bring the way the party leadership is chosen firmly within the British tradition of participation and responsible democracy.

A key motion will be proposals to have a significant part of the Advisory Council elected by Regional Councils which are in turn comprised of delegates from all groups and branches that meet simple requirements of activity and efficiency.

The other central plank of the proposed reforms and amendments is "to deal with the unfortunate unintended consequences of our desperate scramble to protect ourselves against the threat by Equality Commissioner and Operation Black Vote boss Simon Woolley to have his people swamp us and destroy our party".

"The signature hurdle that we agreed was necessary to protect us against that was a vital precaution then, but it's time move on. We've found to our cost that some people tried to get their challenger over the hurdle by exaggerating real problems and inventing fictional ones; they then had to be disciplined, which led to bad blood and suspicion among those who thought this was too harsh, and anger among those who thought the leadership was being too lenient with dishonest troublemakers. It's a flawed system, and we need to change it.

"We've beaten the CEHR's attempts to remove other key defences against their proposed takeover bid," Mr. Griffin said.

Better system

"So I believe we can now safely move to a system modelled on the familiar British parliamentary by-election. That means just ten nomination signatures, a £500 deposit (returnable to all candidates who secure five per cent or more of the vote), equal coverage as candidates from the party publicity machine and a secret postal ballot of all paid-up members.

"We intend to do away with the problem of a long campaign of divisive one-sided meetings by having a back-to-back programme of one formal hustings meeting in each region, to which all paid-up members from the region in question are invited and at which all candidates have equal time to set out their stalls.

"No other meetings will be necessary – in fact it's likely that most potential candidates wouldn't have the energy for more than the eleven formal meetings in about a fortnight. The whole thing will be demonstrably fair and quick, and then we can all get back to work."

Finally comes the bit that produced the loudest cheers: "We should replace the permanent instability and uncertainty of annual challenges by amending the present section and introducing a fixed four- or five-year term. The first election would take place early this summer. And I'll be standing with a view, if elected, to serving the full term because, regardless of my personal preferences, if that is what the members vote for, that is what they are entitled to get.

"The fantastic response I received all over the country during the recent election campaign made me realise that for me to step down before a successor has developed a degree of recognition and respect from voters would do immense damage to the public's view of our party.

"I said last year that I thought that we should make the change late in 2013, but the ever-growing sympathy I encounter every day out on the streets of our nation has made me believe – somewhat reluctantly – that it would be too soon.

"If the members disagree and think we should have a new leader earlier, this change will give them the perfect opportunity to choose a new one right away, rather than probably waiting for another two years under the present system.

"I'm looking forward to the campaign and hope that a number of candidates will come forward who will engage in constructive criticism and open debate about our perhaps differing views on the way ahead. We need to develop a culture of vigorous discussion within the bounds of civility and responsibility, where in the end the interests of the party overall come before the ambitions of any individual, and all involved agree to respect the democratically expressed wishes of the membership,” Mr. Griffin told our News Team this morning.

Contest this summer

I am of course aware that a few individuals have recently been canvassing for signatures to support a leadership challenge under the existing system. It is also clear that they are struggling to secure enough support to be able to stand. I believe that this is an unhealthy situation, which is why I am pushing for the fixed-term amendment which would automatically allow their candidate – and as many others who wish to throw their hats in the ring – to stand for election this summer.

“If the members do choose someone else, that's fine. I'll serve under them for as long as they'll have me. But I'll be fighting to win this contest, because I'm the best man for the job."

Mr. Griffin has asked for anyone with constructive proposals on details as to how to maximise fair and equal contact between all candidates and party members during the campaign to submit them in writing by June 1st to PO Box 14, Welshpool, SY21 0WE.

Monday, 23 May 2011

The Benefits Riviera Of The World, By John Salvage

Credit Crunch... what Credit Crunch? The world's top spot for the good life, where homes, and everything in them, including ash trays, was highlighted by the British National Party almost a decade ago, is getting even more comfortable. It sounds like a great place to visit, and millions have decided to stay. So where is it? Here of course. Many of these visitors cannot speak the native language, one of over Fifty spoken here, thus the ever so kind tax payers have decided, at least by their voting patterns, to pay for them to have their wishes translated into English. The cost? Nothing really, well, not to them anyway. The taxpayers, easily herded into ''political gas chambers'' with broken promises and wild ideas of equality, pay around £116,000 per week collectively for this ''service.''
Happy to vote for illegal and horrific wars, the people living in The Benefits Riviera of the world, formerly known as Great Britain, also enjoy helping in excess of 180,000 immigrants, sorry, visitors, some of them ''health tourists,'' to the tune of £78,000,000 per year. Money going to support visitors' children still in their homeland, while one or both parents are enjoying life here, is estimated to cost more than £20,000,000. every year. The number of these types of claims, have risen by 20 per cent in the past year alone, and is in reference to Eastern Europe only. Of course, this does not even include visitors from Africa, Asia, the Far East, South America, China, or the West Indies.
Our system is rigged to promote ''equality,'' and that now includes literally anyone with enough Chutzpah to ''enjoy our hospitality'' from anywhere in the world. Why wouldn't anyone take this opportunity? Many people have been driven from here, and other Western countries for decades, with dreams of making a better life. Some of course, have returned. They do not want to admit that the grass is not greener on the other side. Having said that, people taking their families to shores of gold, and seas of fun and prosperity, means that something is wrong here, or from whence they came does it not? Except for those not of indigenous European descent, there are not that many options left open to them, and this also goes for those whom made Africa a civilised and crime free, prosperous continent in the last century and before that.
And now, the Benefits Riviera of planet earth, so loved and hated in equal terms by millions, has a gaping whole in its institutions. That whole, which includes what was once a world renowned health service, armed forces, and police force, sits alone, begging for help from someone, somewhere. It sits alone, in the northern part of Europe, broken, crime ridden, and helpless. Still, we have some heart warming things to fill our evenings with, as millions starve, freeze to death, and find nothing relevant in terms of jobs or careers, self employment and future prospects. Yes, we have a coalition government, made up of ''opposing ideologies.'' They are different, some call themselves Liberals, others Socialist, and some Conservative, with the odd few apparently very worried about being integrated into the EU.
Yes, they are different, they are different to us, their lives are ''gold plated'' against poverty. They are also different in many other things also. They differ from the millions who come here, looking for a better life, but want so much to bring equality and fairness in society to them. After all, it won't be long before an immigrant, or one from immigrant ancestry, takes the ''top job,'' and become Prime Minister, just like America. Not of Britain of course, but of England. Scotland and Wales will of course be able to enjoy this idea, as they are now preparing to depart from the ancient Britanicus that at one time, was one single entity. Soon, we will have our very own Barrack Obama. Equality would then be total. The Marxists, so wonderfully financed by the foreign bankers of old, would then be a happy bunch.
Marxism is of course, along with it's later creation, the ''Frankfurt School,'' the bedrock of the whole sham now playing at a City, town or village near you. This bedrock was not particularly stable though, as the whole house of cards was financed by those who will soon, show how ruthless they are. How so? It's like this: Super capitalists, mainly immigrants themselves, embedded in Europe and New York, desperately needed a vehicle to drive their plan of world fiscal and resource domination into being. Once this was achieved, so-called Socialist revolutions could then explode all over the world. Now they have completed this, many who voted Labour, joined unions, and basically threw the baby out with the bath water by despising their traditions and culture, and will suffer severely. Nothing is safe, and no amount of Students demonstrating, or people moaning in the decreasing number of pubs etc, will stop what is coming if solid action is not forthcoming. Our little island may be the benefits Riviera of the world, but it is simply unsustainable.
With so-called ''main-stream'' ideology, comes propaganda, and now it is all coming home to roost. Marxism and basic Social and Capital dogma, has been proven to be one and the same. It's all now becoming clearer, and our little nation, once the bread basket of the world in sheer engineering and export terms, is being broken, smashed into pieces, and everyone will become a victim. Now we have only one choice, and that is to take a lead from all the opposing groups, and polarise our efforts no matter what. Somehow, and somewhere and sometime soon, very soon, there will have to be a single entity on the world wide stage, one that will reach every individual, group, and political party where-ever they are on earth of Anglo-Celtic origin. We have little time, so watch this space, as it is becoming apparent that a legal representative with a recognised diplomatic status, to push for the rights and renaissance of our kind, will become a reality.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Court orders man out of London, And they send him to the Midlands

A man security services say was the leading figure in "a close group of Islamic extremists based in north London" must be moved out of the capital to protect the public, the High Court ruled today.

The man, who is subject to a control order and can only be referred to as "CD", has attempted to obtain firearms, according to intelligence reports.

CD was reported to have attended the training camp organised by Muhammed Hamid, and also attended by the 21/7 bombers, at Baysbrown Farm in Cumbria in May 2004.

Today Mr Justice Simon said CD's removal to an undisclosed address "in a Midland city" was "a necessary and proportionate measure to protect the public from the risk of what is an immediate and real risk of a terrorist-related attack".

The risk was "significant", notwithstanding the high level of protection implicit in his control order obligations.

It was the Home Office case that relocation was necessary to prevent covert meetings with his associates in London to plan attacks.

The judge said the family of CD, who is married with two children, are entitled to a travel allowance to visit him, but that did not mean such allowances should be made available in every relocation case.

CD, who has dual British and Nigerian nationality, was served with a control order in February this year.

The 12-month order was imposed following Government assertions that putting him on trial risked revealing intelligence sources.

Today his appeal against being banned from the capital was rejected at London's High Court.

Lisa Giovannetti QC, for the Home Secretary, had told the court there was evidence of CD attending "numerous covert meetings" with two associates, referred to as MS and TM, up to October 2010.

The security services assessed these as being for the purpose of "enabling the three of them to develop the group's attack plans".

MS had voluntarily moved to an address outside the capital, but he was still free to travel to the city whenever he wished.

CD had gone to Syria in late 2005 and undertaken extremist training whilst there and returned to the UK in April 2009.

Ms Giovannetti said there had been several attempts to procure firearms since his return to the UK, from seven named north London-based criminal associates. CD had also shown "a very high level of security awareness".

John Burton QC, appearing for CD, said his client had not denied his association with Muhammed Hamid. He had not been arrested or charged in relation to attendance at the training camp in 2004.

CD had not sought to conceal his extremist Islamist views.

Mr Burton questioned why it became necessary in February to relocate him when he had been "subject to close attention" since 2004 in north London and subjected to a large number of restrictions.

The London ban was having a "devastating" impact both psychologically and physically.

Rejecting CD's appeal, the judge said: "There is evidence which supports the conclusion that CD has a background and training which would lead to a justifiably held fear that he would engage in terrorist-elated activity based on his strongly held Islamist views."

That by itself did not justify his forced relocation, said the judge.

"However, since his return (from Syria) he has endeavoured to obtain firearms on a number of occasions from a number of associates for the purposes of putting into effect a planned terrorist attack, has held covert meetings with associates in relation to plans to use the firearms as part of his planned attack and has displayed a very high level of security awareness."

There were concerns over "his ability to evade the attentions of those who have a duty to prevent him putting his plans into effect, in so far as they are able."


Thursday, 19 May 2011

Government set to scrap job protection for Territorial Army heroes.

RESERVE troops called up to fight on the front line could be sacked by their employers under Government plans to reduce workers’ rights.
Job protection for Territorial Army soldiers sent to war is set to be scrapped after David Cameron described it as “red tape”.
The move was dubbed a “disgrace” yesterday by Shadow Defence Secretary Jim Murphy.

He said: “It is extraordinary that ministers consider this vital legislation as red tape. You can’t sack our heroes behind their backs.”
Military commanders have relied heavily on reservists – with 17,000 called up to serve overseas, most in Afghanistan and Iraq, since 2003.
And employers are barred by law from sacking them but that is under threat from the Tories’ “red tape challenge”, which invites bosses to say which laws they want scrapped.
The Reserve Forces are top of the hit list after the PM wrote to ministers warning: “We have inherited too much costly, pointless and illiberal government red tape.”
Ministers have already been shamed into a U-turn over the military covenant for frontline troops and their families. It is finally being enshrined in law after a Royal British Legion campaign and the threat of a Tory rebellion.

The Way Forward Meeting

Tonight was the turn of the West & East Midlands to hold the Way Forward meeting with the party chairman Nick Griffin.

The meeting was attended by both West Midlands & East Midlands Officials and the idea of these meeting was to discuss way of moving forward and finding new was of raising the party's profile.

There were some good ideas and Im sure we will be using most of them.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The International Community. by John Salvage Black Country BNP

Is there really such a thing as the ''International Community,'' or is it a collection of nation hating, treacherous, and greedy elites? Does it actually exist, or is it all a work in progress for a bigger, more threatening evil to be imposed upon the once free peoples of earth? Two questions that many ordinary people are now asking, and two questions most Nationalists already know the answers to. All the facts seem to point towards some form of global government, whereby countries not ''conforming'' to the aforementioned elites agenda, such as Libya for example, seem to be targeted for enforcement of ''democracy''. Now there's an odd word, because the origins of democracy are not linked to anything recognisable today. The revolutionary principles of most leaders today, are nothing like democratic. They steal wealth, change attitudes, and completely rubbish the word by their actions.

If democracy was truly a political reality, then we would in this country, have had Proportional Representation (PR). Now we have a toothless half way house, whereby people are so confused we'll actually end up with the same crooks and greedy elites as we've had since the end of the Second World War. Some people even think that a form of street action here, or outright revolution, would get us to where we need to be. This won't happen, and we'd soon see the ''International Community,'' led by the hidden hand of New York and London financiers, shredding human bodies under a barrage of modern weaponry. Too much damage has already been done to our peoples minds. The mind benders have been hard at work, through TV, media, news and film production, and we now have no real arguments left that resemble ''old school'' political thought or division of political manifestos. The agenda is the same, but people are seemingly unable to view things as they are. Most people will see Cameron, Obama, Clegg, or Sarkozy, as different to their supposed opposition on the other side. That is simply wrong, but a sad fact of life today.

If there was such a thing as a truly democratic International Community, we would see leaders proposing an end to outrageous war mongering. We would see a referendum based option, rather than the current system. Using referendums, people would then be able to vote en-mass, on the things that really make them angry, and actually change things each year. As it stands, whether it's Cameron, Clegg, Sarkozy, or Obama, the time they have in power, is used to solidity a form of world governmental preference, and not any preference based upon the wishes of each leader's nation. The Nationalist community can use all it's relatively new found power, especially in France and the Nordic countries, to house hopes for a similar shift in thought here. The British National Party will soon find out, if the people are yet ready to show their ancient strength and innate Anglo-Celtic will to take back what is rightfully theirs.

No amount of rhetoric, dogma, or pleading will persuade the ''International Community'' to shed its cloak, and come out in favour of a Nationalist agenda. No, it will though, show its unity if ever, such as Austria did once, the governments of the western hemisphere turn to its people, rather than shadowy elites. Austria took a beating when Gorg Haider managed to secure enough power to change things. That is a lesson all Nationalist thinkers, voters, and long time activists need to be aware of. No matter what political party starts to take a lead first, here or abroad, the financial robber barons, and their Genetically Modified political front liners, will start the old favourite: Sanctions. These are are favoured first line of defence for the globalist elite, and the ''International Community.'' First they come for the government, then the people, then the whole country, and ultimately, the world.

Hopefully the British National Party can under it's present leadership, stave off the many detractors inside and out, and begin the climb back to where it was until fairly recently. However, without solidarity of spirit, and without activists, the Nationalist cause in the UK, will splinter, and as Mr le-Pen once put it, whilst I was actually proudly in his company a few years ago at a function, ''The British were the ones whom we copied, and we took our lead from you.'' Forget petty arguments, as many of us in the British National Party know for certain that, without Mr Griffin, we would not have been so fortunate as to put Nationhood at the forefront of the general public's eyes. Now they know of us, our policies, and what we have all said and predicted has come true. Its not that long ago don't forget, whereby the Front National was split, and various movements in France were shattered by such pettiness.

Also, anyone who studied the Nordic nations, also remember a time when the Fins were not even on the map in political terms. Now, millions are aware of their ''True Finns'' political party, and the power they could bring to their people. The International Community will have won, if we in Britain, are unable to stave off any attacks on us, and the foremost political party, the only Nationalist party with any hope of smashing a whole in the dam. Openly damaging arguments can be kept to a minimum, as the internet, as popular as it can be, is also mostly passed by, because many are simply uninterested in aspects of it. All political groups and parties, were happy to see victories here in the UK for the BNP, so in reality, nothing needs to damage any further gains or momentum. All that matters is that the essentials are kept in tact, and that sometime, somehow, this nation becomes independent once again, with or without sanctions or threats of military action by the ''International Community.'' One only needs to take even a passing glance at the main British National Party website, to see that the stories are hard hitting, especially about immigration, the EU, and immigrant politicians, all making hay whilst the sun shines. If there was any chance of any other political party from the nationalist cause making gains, that party would also have the same battles to fight, and the leader of such a party, would have to be the equal of Mr Griffin in terms of hard headed determination under extreme pressure.

I doubt we have such leaders elsewhere, and it is doubtful whether opposing Nationalist political parties, can ever be free from already entrenched ''sleepers,'' malcontents, and people free from supposed ''baggage'' etc. Let us take what we have, love it, live it, and be prepared for whatever challenges we face. We have no where else to go, either politically, or worldly. Too long a wait to rebuild from scratch is not an option. Politically, we already have the vehicle to damage our opponents, and the proof is all around. Stories galore of BNP racism, thuggery, sex, money, and all other topics of the chattering classes, are simply that... stories. The International Community can go to hell. We are the BRITISH, and we are NATIONALISTS. Millions now want change in Britain, so let's give to them, and let's make our brothers and sisters in Finland, Sweden, The US, France, Germany, and around the western world, proud to know us, and call us equals in the battle for Britain and the western world's renaissance.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Norscarf/UAF Anti BNP/EFP protest at Stoke

This is what greeted our brave and hard working members when they arrived at the count in Stoke on Trent.

West Midlands Elections

Yesterday seemed very strange to be sitting in home watching T.V and doing those awful jobs around the house that the wife has been wanting doing for weeks but I was always out on the campaign trail and never got time to do them. I got that feeling that I should be out leafleting instead of sitting here in the chair.

While the Election Results went against us in some areas, we should be proud of all the hard work that went into these Elections. The dedication that Activists has shown during these election was second to none.

I must congratulate and sympathise with Stoke BNP, It seemed like they had the both the Media & Unions as well as all the other parties forcing them up against a brick wall, but in true BNP stlye they never gave up or lost the faith, Well done Stoke. Stoke has lost some of the best councillors they will ever have and they done this party very proud. On a good note I spoke to Mike Coleman on Friday morning and he was very upbeat and ready to fight on and win those seats back in 4 years time. Stoke BNP are going nowhere and are regrouping to carry on the fight.

Well done Stoke.

We had elections in Birmingham, Black County, Worcester, Wolverhampton, Telford, Solihull, Cannock, Coventry, Burton on Trent and Walsall, As well as a By Election in Nuneaton.

There are so many Activists out there that have worked very hard over the last couple of months and I thank each and everyone of them, and when I see them I will shake their hand and thank them personally. But of course we still have those people amongst us that have not put 1 single leaflet though a door all campaign yet they are the ones that moan the most, I leaflet, knock doors etc, no one is to big to campaign, If you are one of these people that sat on your hands and didn't lift a finger you should be ashamed.

On a lighter note I had the pleasure of attending Post Election Drinks at Coventry last night, Like other groups Coventry have been working very hard this year, in fact I would say Tom and Badger have never put so many leaflets out in a campaign before. This was a chance for me to relax and have a few drinks and enjoy the great company. Like Stoke, Coventry are very upbeat and looking forward to getting back to work, Infact we enjoyed ourselves that much we were the last ones to leave the club about 1.30 am I think. Thank you Coventry for allowing me to relax and enjoy the wonderful company. I must spend special thanks to George Jones who used to get on his push bike most days and pedal from Kenilworth to Coventry to help them leaflet. He even pedaled home last night. For those that don't know George he is one of the best activist there is (and he is a oap).

I did take photos of last night but they didn't turn out, must of been the drink.

So lets all have a good rest we all deserve it, and then its back to work and do it all over again.

Well done to all the Candidates and Organisers/fundholder and all those activists.