Saturday, 26 March 2011

Success or Failure? It's Up To You!

While many patriots wring their hands in despair at the state of our country, the organisers and activists of Shropshire British National Party continue to move forwards and break new ground.

While some would rather waste hours posting on blogs and forums, complaining non-stop about their fellow kinsmen, Shropshire BNP continues the grass roots struggle for our people.

Over the last 12 months Shropshire BNP have contested every local seat in a general election, gained the first ever BNP councillor in the county, helped pressure the national media into running the recent Muslim paedophile scandal story and scared the local Establishment to death with the promise of creating peaceful community led patrols to ensure the safety of residents in Telford's Brookside estate.

Shropshire BNP will never attack fellow nationalists - we are much too busy leafleting and serving our local community.

Our combined Groups (Telford, Shrewsbury, North Shropshire and South Shropshire) aim to set a shining example to all nationalists. We are here to stay, we are here for our people, we are never giving in and most important of all we have a clear vision of success.

Having a clear vision of success is essential. All nationalists must rid their mind of negativity and focus 100% on local activism, which means leafleting relentlessly and not wasting precious hours blogging and posting on forums.

Our children and future generations are relying on you to work hard in the real world.

Shropshire BNP issues an ultimatum for all patriots and nationalists - get out on the streets and get to work!

Thursday, 24 March 2011


This is what an hard working and active British National Party Branch can do. After a couple of months of hard work and very effective leaflets produced locally, it looks like Telford British National Party is gathering support and local Councillors are running scared of the British National Party.

This is the report that appeared in the Shropshire Star Newspaper.

A Councillor claimed "vigilante patrols" could move in to clean up a crime-hit Shropshire estate amid concerns that not enough cash is being spent to deal with problems in the area.
Councillor George Ashcroft said not enough investment was being made in the Brookside area, and he claimed that this had led to "open drug dealing, growing criminality,and crumbling infrastructure".
He claimed an "emasculated" residents group had formed ready to take action - and alleged the far-right British National Party had also targeted the area as one where it could make gains.
Councillor Ashcroft said the party had been canvassing on the estate, handing out leaflets with a message of "zero tolerance" on drug dealing and street thuggery.
The party has said it will set up it's own community group to sort out the area if Telford & Wrekin Council does not intervene. Phil Spencer, Telford BNP organiser, today said: "Clean up this area or we will set up a community-led taskforce to ensure vulnerable residents are taken care of."
Telford & Wrekin Council leader Andrew Eade said he did not want to comment. But in letter to Telford & Wrekin Council, Councillor Ashcroft accused bosses at the authority of not investing in the area.
"This is what your (Telford & Wrekin Council) lack of action has now resulted in," he said.
"You have given these people an open goal which they are now going to exploit,
"The BNP might mince their words these days, but I will not. What they are talking about here are vigilante patrols.
"I have opposed and resisted the BNP for years and to see this in my ward, I take very personally".
The news comes as a multi-agency clean sweep kicked off in Brookside this week, which runs until Saturday.
The week-long operation includes a range of of activities designed to tackle anti-social behaviour and reduce rubbish across the estate.
Telford & Wrekin Council is offering advise about rogue traders and a community litter pick run by Brookside Improvement Group, which will take place Saturday at 10am, meeting outside Brookside Community Centre.
A host of agencies and volunteers will also take part in the clean sweep including environmental officers from the council, police and community support officers from the local policing team and officers from the West Mercia Probation Trust.

(If the BNP's presence has such a dramatic and positive effect on the area so far - Just imagine what could be achieved by electing a BNP councillor!
All this comes just weeks after Telford BNP helped to blow the lid on the muslim paedophile gang cover-up.)

Well done to Phil and the team.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Shropshire British National Party Campaign to Clean Up the County’s “Most Crime-Ridden Street”

The steadfast activists of Shropshire British National Party hit the streets of Telford in force over the weekend, delivering a hard-hitting leaflet to the residents of Brookside in south Telford, reports North Shropshire Organiser Phil Reddall.

“Zero tolerance of drug dealing and street thuggery” was the message, and a number of good people on the Brookside estate welcomed the British National Party’s presence, telling activists that they were sick of seeing their area spiral out of control with drug dealers and yobs ruining what was once a decent place to live.

Telford British National Party Organiser Phil Spencer said his message for the local authorities was, "Clean up this area, or we will set up a community-led task force to ensure local vulnerable residents are taken care of."

Local people had contacted Telford British National Party to complain that Brookside’s Bishopdale street is no longer a pleasant place to live. They said that because of rising unemployment and cheap alcohol, the area has suffered a serious breakdown in moral order and is no longer a ‘family friendly’ area.

Bishopdale was recently revealed as the most crime-ridden street in Shropshire in a newly launched police crime map website. Twenty-seven crimes in the street were reported in the month of December 2010.

Bring our Boys Home Petition, 10 Downing St

Just got back from a very good day in London, It was an early start for me and other West Midlands members who attended the first British Veterans group public appearance.

At noon a short service of remembrance took place at the Cenotaph in London, the service was conducted by our very own Rev West, I then played Last Post and Nick Griffin and Veterans leader Pete Molloy both laid a wreath.

It was then on to 10 Downing Street where Nick and some Veterans handed the Petitions over to the Prime Minister.

The public passing by stopped to watch both the Service and the handing in of the petitions.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Police stop Cannock meeting UPDATE

I have just got off the telephone with the Police Sgt from Cannock regarding the cancelled Cannock BNP meeting earlier in the month.

The Sgt informs me that they received information that there was to be a EDL meeting taking place in that public house that night.

His officers then visited the pub to see if they were aware, to which they said "No its a BNP meeting and we never get any trouble"

The officers then advised them to cancel the meeting just in case because if the EDL turned up and there would be problems there licence would be in jeopardy.

We can judge from this that this was a trick from some leftie to get the meeting stopped.

I will be putting the Cannock Organiser in touch with this Sgt to prevent any further disruption.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Cannock Update

Cannock held their monthly meeting tonight, despite the police stopping the planned meeting earlier in the month, The Organiser found a new venue and had what was a very good meeting.

Cannock is now looking forward to this years local elections and have started planning forthcoming activity's.

Well done Cannock

Friday, 4 March 2011

Police Stop Cannock BNP meeting

Earlier in the week the Landlord of a public house in Cannock which was due to have a BNP meeting last night, had a visit from 2 plain clothes officers from the Community Resilience Team,They advised the landlord not to have the meeting and reminded the landlord that his licence is up for renewal soon so be careful.

Obviously this spooked the landlord and cancelled the meeting, we can't blame the landlord after all this is his livelihood as well as his home. The landlord informed Cannock BNP organiser this morning that 2 local bobbies came in the pub last night to make sure the meeting was not taking place.

I spoke to the Sgt at the Community Resilience Team today and asked him on what grounds have the police got the right to stop a meeting taking place of a legal political party, as well as threatening a landlord. The Sgt denied threatening the landlord and try to assure me that they had no idea it was a British National Party meeting and they have no interest in any political meetings. I pushed him a bit further and he then admitted that they were acting on information they had received about another organisation planning a meeting in that public house on the same night that they wanted stopping, He would not disclose what organisation it was. I told him if that was the case why did his officers mention BNP when visiting the landlord.

The Sgt assures me that he will be having the officers in for a chat and will be in contact with me again.

I look forward to that.